'Ruadine' is a single player dungeon-crawling adventure, currently in development and set for release later this year.

This in-browser demo offers a taste of the game's mechanics and takes roughly 10 - 20 minutes to complete. The finished game will be available for purchase as a DRM-free download (Windows), with plans for release via Steam as well as mobile (Android). 

CONTROLS : Arrow keys or WASD to move / select combat action, SPACE to confirm / act, CTRL to open menu / use skill. 

The game is also fully playable with the mouse! Gamepad support is in the works.

Please note that story elements within the demo are mostly non-existent, but will be implemented during the game's development.

Also, some minor graphical / UI oddities exist in the browser demo, which won't be present in the final version. Particle effects may cause slowdown on some devices.


Development log


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Good fun. Heaps of elements feel really well polished. I think I need a while to experiment with combat to get good at it though :P



I didn't mean to play through, and I totally did. Loved it.

Thanks for playing!


Really enjoyed this, fun mechanics! Looking very forward to what's coming next!

Thanks, stay tuned!


really enjoyable little demo great mechanics has so much potential, keep it up man.

Glad you enjoyed it - thank you!

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Wow. I am very impressed. I was upset that it ended so quick because I just started getting the hang of the combat mechanics. This has so much potential!!!! Keep it man

Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated.


First time playing a game like this and it was a pretty fun experience. I was really thankful for the tutorial notifications throughout the game, which made the combat/progression through the dungeon pretty easy to understand. The sounds in game fit well and I really enjoyed the monster sprites/dungeon color scheme together. my play through of the game here: 


Thanks for playing! Well done on figuring out most of the combat mechanics, which can be obscure at first. Defending works differently to attacking - the blue defence icons are active as soon as they appear on the action bar and they deactivate when the bar fills up or you finish your turn. Essentially you are 'defending' whenever you have a blue shield on your action bar. I made a few notes from watching your play-through which will be helpful for the next update. I'll also update the game description re: play time. Thanks again!


Thanks for making the game it was a pretty interesting experience and enjoyable good luck with the finished product! I'll look forward to it! :D Thank you for responding as well!